CPOST defines a suicide attack as an attack in which an attacker kills himself or herself in a deliberate attempt to kill others. CPOST includes only suicide attacks perpetrated by non-state actors; attacks authorized by national governments are not included. The classic example is a suicide bomber detonating  an explosive vest (a “belt bomb”) or explosives in a vehicle the  bomber is driving (a “suicide car bomb”). The critical criteria is  suicide: the attacker must kill him or herself, even if no one but the attacker dies in the attack. The CPOST-SAD does not include (1) failed suicide attacks where explosives do not detonate  or are detonated by someone other than the attacker (e.g. the explosives were set off by a gunshot from police); or (2) “suicide missions,” where the attacker expects to be killed while killing others, but does not directly kill himself or herself. To be included in the database, suicide must be verified by two independent sources.

    Source: Chicago Project on Security and Threats