The Prosperity Index measures Income, Environment, Health, Minority Rights, and Happiness. Income is measured as gross national income (GNI) per capita in current US dollars. It is calculated with the Atlas method. GNI is a measure of a country’s domestic gross domestic product (GDP) combined with the net income its citizens and companies produce abroad. The environment indicator measures water quality. It is calculated according to the amount of life years lost as a result of exposure to unsafe drinking water. This measure is used as a proxy for environment performance in general. Minority rights are measured through surveys on the acceptance of religious minorities. The level of acceptance of religious minorities is used as a proxy for the acceptance of minorities in general. Health uses World Bank data that measures “the number of years a newborn infant would be expected to live if the prevailing patterns of mortality at the time of its birth were to stay the same throughout its life.” The happiness indicator measures the psychological aspects of wellbeing through survey questions that measure self-reported levels of happiness from the UN World Happiness Report.

Source: Atlantic Council