Gender Parity Index, elderly literacy rate

ratio of literate elderly women to literate elderly men, 1970–2016

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    1970 Ranking
    1. Barbados 1.00
    2016 Ranking
    1. Andorra 1.00
    2. Azerbaijan 1.00
    3. Spain 0.96
    4. Ecuador 0.88
    5. West Bank and Gaza 0.61
    6. Bangladesh 0.48

    The gender parity index (GPI) for elderly literacy rate is the ratio of the female elderly literacy rate to the male elderly literacy rate. It is calculated by dividing the female value for the indicator by the male value for the indicator. A GPI equal to one indicates parity between females and males. In general, a value less than one indicates disparity in favor of males and a value greater than one indicates disparity in favor of females.

    Source: UNESCO